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Autococker Gun Help

I have always been interested in autocockers, and now would like to purchase a QUALITY one. I currently have a Rex M1, which really isn't all that great, or dependable, so I would like to actually purchase a nice autococker now. My plans for it would be to eventually half-block, and then mini it, but for now a regular cocker would be nice. Since I am going to half-block it, I really like to flat style bodies, but I don't know which year(s) they were produced. I would preferably like to purchase a cocker that had all working pneumatics and internals, then just slowly start upgrading. Any thoughts on what year autococker I should get? Or where to get one? Thanks.

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The flat sqarish bodies were produced up until 1999, where they changed for the 2000 model year.

The pre2K (as they're commonly referred to as) are great guns, unlimited upgrade path, but they are not able to run as low of pressure as the newer Cockers. They take pretty much all the upgrades that the newer ones do. The best years to look for are the 98 and 99 models, as they take the Nelson/Cocker springs and not the Sheridan springs.

Depends on what you really want - do looks matter more, or do you really want a gun that can run on 200-300 psi?

I personally prefer the older body styles, and I've got enough of the rarer aftermarket parts that I could run it at that pressure if I wanted to. The problem is that those parts are getting much harder to find.

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I would hold out untill you find a halfblocked mini cocker. They pop up frequently for a decent price. If you do the math for a 99 cocker, plus the stock pneus (that you will end up throwing away), plus the upgrades (that have been creeping up in price as availability goes down) , as well as paying for someone to chop it all down for you later, it adds up to an awful lot.

I started out with a rex M2, and played the "throw good parts at it" game, figuring it would be cheaper. By the time I finished I had a substandard body with good parts that cost more than a decent ANS, which I ended up getting anyhow.
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