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Trilogy issues

Recently i've got a Tactical trilogy as a back-up gun. Shot it twice - no problems at all, consistent etc. - just reasonable performance from a low-end cocker.
Yesterday I was trying to shoot the gun again. Putting the bottle, hopper full of paint (draxus frostbite), cocking the gun and....the balls just rolled out from the barrel like in a f***** cartoon movie. I've checked the air - there was still some 1500 psi in my bottle, the gun cocked without problems but again - it just spatout a ball or sometimes two together from the barrel....I mean sometimes i just shot and nothing came, but with the next shot two ball are comming down from the barrel. The Gun is complete stock, factory settings, timed - as i've mentioned - played with it twice without any issues and now that...
Any ideas, suggestions? What can cause that looks like the gun just has no power to shoot the f***** ball out of the barrel.

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did you take out the bolt and put it back in upside down?

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From your story it sounds like you're having rollouts. To fix this, you need some bigger paint or a smaller barrel.

But it also sounds like your detend is broken/missing. Otherwise it shouldn't double feed.
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I say bolts in 180* rotated ...
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If two balls are loading into the barrel then you have detent problems, or someone stole your detent while you weren't looking.

If the paint is going really slow you installed the bolt upside down. The hole on the bolt needs to be facing down when you install it.
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Originally Posted by Motorhead View Post
I say bolts in 180* rotated ...
lol nice
you should definitely try turning the bolt around first, then get a new detent
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