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What exactly did the Level 6 updates do for the Automag

I'm curious to know what updates were part of level six for the Automag
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I'm not sure, but I think it went from level 5, straight to level 7.
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
I'd like to know as well.
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I have come across some mention of level 6's though I think that was just a level 5 with some of the corrections and fixes that agd did but not all of the the changes that made it a level 7. What changes and fixes I couldn't tell you. It is possible they skipped right over 6, a lot of people thought the RT and emag were level 8 and 9 but I've read comments from people at agd that they were never designated that way by them.

best I can find from tom,
taken from
Paint - Behind The AutoMag
Tom: Well, we had a lot of problems on the way out. Everybody wanted a semi-auto so badly that they would stick with it, as long as the company had the right attitude. And being a player myself, I said that if I'd spent $450 on a gun I would want the company to make it right. So, we told everybody, "Yes we have problems”. That's the first thing, we admitted we had a problem. We told them that we were working desperately on the problem and that hang in there, we would fix everything for free. Which at that time, was a major bold statement. So we started working on it, we solved a few of the problems right away and we then went about upgrading everybody's guns. In the process we had also developed the power feed, which people had the option of buying, when they got their free gun upgrade. Most took the power feed upgrade, which kind of kept us in business. Back then we were just on the edge. We were dollars away from bankruptcy for a long time. Well, we finally solved the problems and got most of the guns updated. Today, there are probably only a dozen of the level 5 (which were the first guns to come out) guns out there. When a level 5 gun does come in these days, we just switch them for a new gun, because there's virtually nothing that's the same between a level 5 and a level 7.
just an odd bit from the same interview, they originally call the rt valve the p5
Once nitrogen comes out, we have a valve called the P5, which is the next generation AutoMag valve. This valve can only function on nitrogen. It is different in the fact that when you shoot it fast, the velocity climbs instead of dropping off. So when you really start jumping on the gun, it'll climb about 6 feet/sec, which maintains range. Also, this gun has a trigger that when you pull it, it has a 6 lb trigger pull,when it fires, the pressure on the trigger doubles to 12 lb to push your finger back. Once it recharges the gun, it drops back down to 6lb and helps you to fire faster.
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there are videos on youtube by tom kaye that tell you how to work on your mag from the early 90's he references both a level 6.5 and 6.6 in the video. i believe on of the differences was the air passage between the reg and on/off
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Originally Posted by K_Obeastly View Post

just an odd bit from the same interview, they originally call the rt valve the p5
most of their prototypes use the "p" designation stemming from agd's first gun the panther
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I think the foamie bolt originally came out on level 7 as well. I had a pre-level 7 for a few months before we were notified of the free upgrades. I had not even had it apart much. We packed up the whole teams' mags and sent them off (eight at least).

I was shocked when I got it back. My right feed was converted to a power feed, putting the loader in front of my face. My barrel was hacked up with crown point porting (without re-ano, still have it). And my bolt had a squishy front on it. If it hadn't been from the factory, I would have been mad. Back then, the old power feed plug made sure that you only got two fast shots. That was supposed to be better, but I didn't have enough experience with the right feed to tell at the time.

I almost gave up on mags over ten years later when I was trying to play against the new electros and still chopping (I had a guy with a cyborg all lined up). Then I found that silly power feed plug and the x-valve. I haven't had any problems with them since.
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ugh, its been a long time. i thought the 5 to 7 jump was the power tube being non removable. it originaly was held in by a c-clip, then it was welded in. all the 6 crap was minor updates. it is hard to remember, every other week there was some new update we got to try out. i still have #67
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