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Daisy Powerline Model 92 (I know it's not Paintball, but ....)

I'm trying to figure out the value of this thing, might have to sell it.

I'm not a membr of any airgun forums currently, so maybe someone here knows:

Daisy Powerline Model 92 .177 caliber pellet pistol.

(Info from another site) This was Daisy’s first semi-auto pellet pistol. It is built from a higher grade plastic than was used in the later 6XX series and has the Beretta logo molded into the grip. Beretta made Daisy remove the logo from later production guns, as apparently Daisy put the logo on the grips without Beretta’s permission. Subsequent pistols had no logos on the grips.

I bought this airgun in 1988 and it is the first pellet gun I ever owned. I understand these are getting hard to find in working condition. This one has a pretty low serial number.

Manufacturer/Model: Daisy Powerline 92
Replica Of: Beretta 92F
Made In: Japan
Caliber/Ammunition/Feed: 177, lead pellet, 12-shot spring feed
Air Source: CO2, 12 g Powerlet
Accessories: Speed Loader
Weight (lb)/Length (in): 1.4, 8.5
Body Material/Finish/Grips: plastic, black, plastic
Barrel Length (in)/Material/Rifled: 4.0, steel, yes
Trigger Action: DA/SA
Sights (front/rear): fixed, fully adjustable
Velocity (fps): 400
Condition/Manual/Box: 95%, yes, no
Serial Number: 7D08702

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A similar one closed on auction arms for $12 but was missing the feed spring. I'd say in the $50 range if it's working perfectly. Maybe someone will pay a bit more if it has those grips?

Also, be a bit wary of where you sell that / ship it to. Because it's a pellet pistol with a rifled barrel it's considered a firearm in Michigan. There are states with similar restrictions.

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