What Is It? Even after cleaning off the dust.... Still don't know what you have? Let the knowledgeable old-timers help you out

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That is the original electric/agitating loader by Viewloader and it is not a kit.

They were about $65 new and they were worth every penny to anyone who shot a semi (just for the less chopped balls factor).

They did not work for long and you had to replace them more than you would like.

To keep the battery from falling out of the holder you had to take a piece of a coffee stirrer or WD 40 straw and jam it in the corners with the battery.

Does it still work? Not that I want it but I never saw one that lasted 6 months or so.
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They WERE a bit of a maintenance hog. How many of you guys spent some quality time on the phone with Rhonda Bell in TX over warranty repairs on those?

The hot setup on the lids back then was to use Nasy Boys lids and tape them to the area where the VL lid went. Nasty Boys lids were the hot setup.

To those us who went from a Sniper to a Cocker in 1991 or 92 these feeders were a god-send. No more shaking, rocking, or tipping, just WAIL on that trigger. I even went back and put them on my Sniper, now that I think about it...
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they work great for things like this but the construction was crappy. I ended up having to replace the eyes on it and while I was doing so I noticed that they never soldered the eye leads to the wires. They just twisted the wires together. The boards in them are fairly simple as well, if anyone has one that still has the part numbers listed on the transistors it would be really easy to make exact clones of the boards.
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