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Angel G7 Fly Model

G7 Fly 1 a.jpg

G7 Fly 5 a.jpg

G7 Fly 2 a.jpg

G7 Fly w board comparison.jpg

I do believe I have a Custom Angel G7 Fly but by who. This marker is fully operational!! It has an upgrade board as compared with the stock board, Virtue, and a Tadao board in the last photo. Which board is it? What I am wondering is what custom model is this and who made it. The grips are different, the anno is a lime green to include the barrel. It has the rotary rear switch to open the breech and a lightened cutout trigger guard as a G7 Fly. The body does not have the usual Angel markings or logos but is marked by an elongated S everywhere. This specific model has the old Angel barrel threads not the new A1 threads. Any information and value would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Definitely not a G7 Fly, they used a shorter barrel/thread/breech length. This looks like a normal G7 which used the longer barrel thread.

Here's a G7 fly, notice where the barrel screws in is shorter and the milling is different.

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That g7 is gorgeous!

The breech threading would indeed make it a regular g7 and in addition, two of the boards in your last pic appear to be A1 boards. Not sure what you have inside the marker.
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The information you provided was much appreciated and valued, thank you!!
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Bump for a fellow g7 owner
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Whatever it is, it's beautiful. If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the gorgeous piece of art?
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That's an Angel 05' Speed. With Check-it Uni-mount and 2 piece J&J barrel. The Ano is pretty sweet but I don't believe it' a 7 or fly for that matter. Price range 200's, with the ano and matching parts who knows.
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Yeah don't listen to ^ it's not a 05 speed. Speeds didn't have the lever for the roto breach. And the eye covers are another dead givaway. The speeds are longer, the G7 shorter and stubby like what you have. And it does look like you have a stock A1 board and a tadao A1 board in there. Board installed I think is a Predator board.

Funny, I have a Valhalla viking in that exact same anno.

If you decide to part that Virtue board let me know. Looking for one for a project Angel I'm building.

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Its definitely an g7, I don't know what type. The 06 and g7 fly have the scoop around where the barrel screws in and uses different threading then the regular g7. The fly also has the special milling as pictured in this thread.

The thing that throws me off is that's definitely a fly style backplate. I don't know angels enough to know all the g7 special editions. Typically that backplate would have a jewel distinguishing the type of private label or edition.

You can tell its a g7 and not an 05 because of the way the back slopes. The 05 had a much higher butt.

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