What Is It? Even after cleaning off the dust.... Still don't know what you have? Let the knowledgeable old-timers help you out

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yeah, it has a twist-stop at the end of the vertical power-feed. They weren't a bad gun at all. Build from heavier materials than Spyders or Raptors with a much better Anno. You just didn't see as many around as they came out right when tippmann was making all the bolt-on kits for the 98 and kingman decided to drop the "brick with barrel" design and move towards flashy-but-crappy with the shutter and their other offerings of the late 90's/early '00's. Both the GTV1 and GT-2000 were sold in fairly large quantities and were well thought of by their owners. I know NPS carried them for some time so you can find them fairly frequently on E-bay. The only one of their offerings I never got my hands on was the GTF Custom which was far rarer than the mainstream offerings.
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A field I used to work at ran these as rentals. Uses standard tank o-rings throughout. Awesome to work on.

The "vert feed" also works with or without the plug. Only weak part is the chrome plating likes to flake off pretty easy and the grip frames are prone to cracking.

Archon still stocks and sells these. You can get crazy cheap field packages through them featuring the current version.


and another half dozen names have been used to refer to the basic design.
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“Joker”, “Inferno”… I could probably come up with a couple other names that used the same basic design. I just tossed one that was in horrible condition. Not really any part was worth salvaging. Broke my heart.
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