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Hey I've got a Mirage made by the guys at Mokal...
yeah I know its ancient, but I have no idea how much its worth.
I checked the blue book here but, ITS NOT THERE.
any Idea's?
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I've seen them sell on Ebay for around $20-30.

They were a common field rental gun in the early 90s, so any Mirage's found tend to be in VERY BAD SHAPE. In very good shape, they would probobly be worth $50 or so.

I've bought a few off ebay, just to strip off the Lonestar ASA base, and then resold for parts.


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one just sold on ebay..$9.50 + shipping.........HP is just sold in great the high $40 range and shipping was high.....
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I sold the one I previously owned for about $40, iirc. While they are great basic markers, one of the more maddening things about them is the proprietary threading on the barrel securing knob. I managed to locate one after several polite emails to customer service at Mokal. On a side note, a big Kudos to Mokal....many other company reps/customer service folks could have just as easily said "nope, sorry...don't got em our new gun instead"
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Originally Posted by RealtorTommy View Post
one just sold on ebay..$9.50 + shipping.........
I'm the buyer, and it arrived today. I don't see why I couldn't get it running; it's gummed up and needs some TLC (and maybe a new mainspring), but it's essentially rust-free and in great shape under the filth.

If the new Aura is built as well as my Titan and Mirage, it's probably the best stacked-tube electro blowback ever.
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