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GhostWolf S1 09-25-2012 12:04 PM

WTB "Opsgear Mp7" shroud for Tiberius T8
"Found" one!! Thanks everyone

.x3 09-30-2012 06:59 AM

Im lookin for one as well... will they work with 8.1?

i wanna put one of these on an 8.1 with lapcos fsr rifled bbl dedicated to fs and 12grams.

I am sold on the tiberius/firststrike/rifled barrel combo.
I was skeptical at first hearin all the rave.. but thats were its at man..

With a t9.1 + lapco fsr rifled bbl + adjustable riser + fs rounds and fresh02 i could hold a pie pan or little biggergroup at 300 yards under favorable conditions. wind. etc.

but i sold my 9.1 cuz i was anticipating tacqmos mag feed with rap4s dmags fs rdy and i was prtty sure by now they woulda had rifled barrels for just about any mag fed marker w fs capqbilities... but theyv yet to get the mag out.

So. tired of waiting i want that first strike accuracy back. new project
Put mp7 shroud an riser on a used 8.1 with lapcos fsr bbl and then sheild the part of the barrel thats sticking out front the shroud with padded spacers and black pvc so it appears integrally suppressed.

Itl give me my sniper accuracy back and a little more versitility i think. its colapses small and its self contained. i can cary it and use it wen i need it still havin a primary

anyway. nuff ramblin.. we need an mp7 stock/shroud

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