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p8ntballr68059 03-21-2013 06:40 PM

$180 in PayPal Bring markers pump/mech and certain electros
Just like it says i want a pump (open class only please unless it is silly sexy)or a mech (no tippmanns or spyders i can get them for like $10 a piece local from idiots so on to the list) and a select few electros

Cockers mech or pump
Mags ( rt and ule a must)
Palmers mech or pump
Tiberius arms

these is an electro and i know it but
Shockers no stock bolts must be sprung
Timmys (abomb me i know long shot but hey)

wild or bright colors will catch my eye better than black

p8ntballr68059 03-22-2013 08:21 AM

Really noone

p8ntballr68059 03-23-2013 06:05 PM

ok guys offer up something

dakotad123 03-23-2013 06:18 PM

Blue gog extcy? (I regret nothing)

p8ntballr68059 03-23-2013 06:20 PM

lol on the regret nothing comment but thanks for the offer i just sold an ion which is the same thing basically

dakotad123 03-23-2013 07:44 PM


MEDuck 03-23-2013 10:00 PM

Someone I know has a pre 2k right feed autococker for a little more than 100. I can have him contact you if you are interested :thumbup: if not, free up

p8ntballr68059 03-23-2013 10:04 PM

i actually found one guys thanks i have an ans gen x3 on the way .. i am still looking for some 50 rd pods now

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