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Pepper 10-15-2006 11:03 PM

A longer "stock" barrel?
Im not new to paintball but I am new to pump, and I just cant get over how accurate my PGP is. I just bought a SL68 and I got a chance to shoot it for the first time tonight.. @ 55ft I can hit a soccer ball over and over Im just amazed. I was thinking about getting a J&J or a PPS barrel but Im very satisfied with the stock 12 I have. I am wondering did they make a
14" or 15 stock barrrel. If so I might want to buy or trade.


Frontier_Bill 10-15-2006 11:23 PM

A barrely longer than 12 inches won't give you much of a diference... I mean, if I was you, I would totally stick with what it has, and save the money.

Pepper 10-16-2006 09:53 AM

Your right it wont give me any more distance, but I would think it would give me a straighter shot longer, along its flight path. And Im wanting to know if Tippmann made a SL that had a longer stock barrel.


Frontier_Bill 10-16-2006 10:34 AM

I've never seen one that tippmann made, but I'm not that versed in old-school tippmann. So, just ignore this guy.

Phantom Power 10-16-2006 11:46 AM

No, all the stock SL-68 barrels are the same length. But because they're a slip fit barrel, you can take almost any barrel for a gun that uses beefy threads (older angel barrels are particularly good) and have them turned down on a lathe to fit the SL-68.

However, you won't see any difference in the flight path of your balls with a longer barrel. They won't fly straighter for longer. Once the ball has left the end of the barrel, it's on its own, the barrel can't affect it.

Pepper 10-16-2006 12:28 PM

Thanks guys


Wycke 10-16-2006 01:23 PM

FWIW, I recall Tippmann selling a 14" "Sniper" barrel for the SL-68. It was basically the same as the one they sold for the ProAm/Lite, 68 Carbine, and 68 Special. It wasn't any more accurate than the stock tube, but both respond very well to some polishing compound and a healthy dose of elbow grease. Also, one of the few aftermarket barrels for the SL-68 that's relatively easy to come by is the J&J Ceramic, which is most often found in 14" length, though a 12" was/is made as well.

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