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Cool sheridan grips (for my pgp)

I have been looking for some cool pgp grips. Wood, rubber. Those superstocker grips look great too. Just something different

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PM mad, he makes very nice grips and currently has some for sale in the members area.
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I concur with weekendballer, MAD is the person to PM. I have 3 sets of his grips and his work is top-notch!
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If you're lookin' more for molded grips, check with robertsr, he does good work!
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MaD makes beautiful grips for Sheridans:

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I concur, I have some of MaD's burl grips. Me gusta!
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One holed 'mag / 'cocker grips can work.

I used the AM classic plates one mine because the stock ones were just a little too small...

If you do that there is usually a small gap between the bottom of the grip frame and the grips. If that bothers you a rubber stopper can be molded to fill it...
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