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WTB: RF Phantom

Hi, I have been doing some thinking and have decided I should have a direct feed pump. All the pumps I have now are stock class feed so a DF would be nice.

I am mostly looking for a Right feed phantom with a back bottle or VSC setup. I would really like if it had a 45 frame too. A 12gr changer kinda a must. A cool anno would be nice.

I have some money but would prefer to trade. Here is what I have to trade:

2 Newly refinished Nelspot 007s. They were repainted and "rebuilt" by B. He replaced all the bad seals and did the finish. One has a speed wheel and the other has a external 12gr changer. I can include pumps with both.

2k PGP that got to close to a dremel. I bought this gun in its current condition. The previous owner did a few things. First he added a sight rail. Then he took an old C02 extended knob and bolted it in the back of the ball plug so it is easy to grip. Next he cut a slot in the back of the feed tube to make it like the old style PGP where you can use a ball plug. Another thing on there is a small slot cut in the front of the feed tube so the front sight can be put on its side. There are also ball slots in the top tube. The final thing done is what I did. I drilled a hole through the C02 changer so you can use something as a lever to tighten the 12gr in.
NOTE: This gun does not come with the Green UMB(I think it is lost in a box of junk)

Tippmann 68 carbine. Right now it leaks but I will work on it and bit and fix it.

Tippmann SL68. I bought this from BigOldSkool. It has a shortened pump and comes with a smaller barrel.
No pic

Sheridan Top Tube PG. It leaks right now(needs new cup seal) and needs a good cleaning.

I also have a box full of Spyder clone Blow backs, a traccer/maverick(leaky) and some other guns.

email =
AIM = netsurferdude2
PM me here on MCB

Greg "NSD2"
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When I worked in the county prison, all my pals among the correctional officer staff were always talking about how they needed a large(r) caliber handgun in case they were confronted by someone on "PCP" or "Angel dust".

Now... all they talk about is zombies.
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