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FS: Real-Flight R/C Simulator, DSL Gateway and Portable DVD Player

Note: The following are for sale only, no trades accepted thank you.

Item 1 -
Great Planes G3 Real-Flight R/C Aircraft Simulator

*Note: This item was removed from package, and actually played for less than two hours. This item is complete with all original packaging, and accessories originally included. Originally paid $194.99 for this back in in the first week of January '07.

USB InterLink™ Plus: Fast, easy set-up, simulates R/C helicopters and airplanes. The G3 is an inexpensive way to learn how to fly R/C aircraft, suffer a crash? Just press the re-set button and you're ready to fly again!

G3’s new InterLink Plus controller can function as a controller, an interface or both — an innovation that allows two pilots to fly on the same screen. Connect a second InterLink Plus (or R/C transmitter), choose Multi-Mode flight — and the monitor switches to a split-screen view. You can practice formation flying or other competitions, participate in free flight, play “tag”, provide a friend with real-time feedback as they learn — or simply enjoy the pleasure of flying with a buddy.

G3 keeps both hands where they belong: on the controller. Press the red button on the faceplate, and you’re instantly ready for takeoff. You can adjust stick length, use the 3-position switch for retracts or heli flight modes, adjust flaps or blade pitch and more — and expect the same split-second response of your own transmitter.

Features drawn from actual R/C transmitters not only give the InterLink a more real-to-R/C appearance, but the functions they offer. Prefer the "feel" of your own transmitter? The InterLink is still your hook-up. With its built-in interface and the included cord, you can be connected to your 'real' transmitter in seconds and ready to enjoy the next benefit: improved control. Compatible with virtually any 4-10 channel Futaba ®, Hitec®, Tower Hobbies®, and all JR® FM or FM-selectable transmitters. Additional cords available separately for Airtronics®/ Sanwa ® transmitters.

Over 41 aircraft to fly!
Fly split-screen with a friend on one PC.
“Full Coverage” collision detection!

RealPhysics™ 3D: Bringing real-world physics to simulation science!
USB InterLink™ Plus: Fast, easy set-up and more!
Soar with R/C’s most realistic wind model!

10 new flying sites with over 5,000 square miles to explore

*Learn more — share more — with G3’s enhanced instruction aids.

*Virtually unlimited editing power for aircraft and scenery!

*Unprecedented realism!
Powerful, flexible aircraft and airport editors!
Expanded 3D modeling everywhere you are.

*15 gateways to aviation adventure!

Generation 3 System Requirements:

Windows XP*, 2000*, ME, 98
* Local administration access required
Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent
DirectX 9 (or above) compatible video and sound card
3D accelerated video card with 32 MB (or more) RAM
256 MB RAM
1.3 GB hard drive space
USB Port to connect the Interlink Controller

Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz or equivalent
3D accelerated video card with 64 MB (or more) RAM

56.6 Kbps modem or LAN connection
InterLink Plus Controller
USB Port
Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter (if using the interface mode)

Note: The connectors on the InterLink Plus cord and included adapters make the InterLink Plus compatible with the trainer jack on most Futaba® and all JR®, Hitec®, and Tower Hobbies® systems. Special adapters for use with most Airtronics®/Sanwa® systems are available separately.

Contents: One Interlink Controller with USB interface, adapters, manual and software on CD ROM.

Price: $120.00 shipped

Item 2 -
Actiontec DSL Gateway (for anyone with Verizon or other ADSL service)
Heres a link to the specs for this item:

Item is complete and comes with all accessories, paperwork.
This was originally purchased back in second week of Dec '06 as a gift for a friend who it turned out getting Comcast, and completely forgot I had purchased it untill recently when I found it in a guestroom closet.
Original Purchase price - $74.95 (CompUSA).
Your price: $48.00 shipped priority mail.

Item 3 -

Mustek MP80B personal DVD player with 8" Widescreen. This item is unused and includes all accessories originally packaged with item as well as all paperwork.

Heres a link to the product information directly from the manuf. site. Will have actual picture of item by the time I return home Wednesday.

Online this item sells for between $128.99 and $149.99.

Price: $90.00 shipped Priority

Please contact me offboard at the provided email address below if you'd like to purchase either on of the items listed:

Thanks for looking.
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Hmmmmmmmm..... I am in need of a sim as I'd like to try some new things and the crashes are getting expensive. This is the version that does helis and planes, right? If you still have it this Friday I'll take it.

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Originally Posted by amcfall View Post
Hmmmmmmmm..... I am in need of a sim as I'd like to try some new things and the crashes are getting expensive. This is the version that does helis and planes, right? If you still have it this Friday I'll take it.

Thanks for the response. Yes, this simulator does both aircraft and helos. There are also 2 possibly 3 expansion packs available that cover an even wider array of models. When and if you're ready to purchase, simply let me know via email and we'll go from there.

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