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Acer netbook - 11.6", 2 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, Windows 7 Ultimate

OK, I bought this last August, more to evaluate it than because I needed a netbook. A few friends and relatives told me they wanted to buy a netbook and asked my opinion, so I figured I'd get one to try it out. I chose the Acer AO751h because it's actually got a usable keyboard, a very nice (and large, for a netbook) screen, and about 7 hours of battery life.

Specs: Acer Support - Aspire One AO751h Series Specifications

System Info (with Win 7 Ultimate installed)

Windows Experience Score

There are three cosmetic flaws. Click the "pic" link to see, well, a picture of it.

1. One of the hinge covers was loose (a retaining tab was broken out of the box and I didn't want to send it back for repair when a small piece of tape held it on just fine - pic

2. There's a small chip on the top cover, barely visible in the pic.

3. There's a scuff on the screen bezel, just above the keyboard - pic.

Since it came with Vista Home Basic (which sucked), I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit build). The genuine MS install disk, as well as a CD I burned with the Windows XP and 7 drivers, will be included. I'm actually giving it a fresh reload of 7 right now so it'll be ready to go.

Given its condition, the light amount of use it's seen, and the OS upgrade, I'd like to get $250 for it (shipping included to any US address, $10 more to ship to Canada). And no, I'm not interested in any trades. Need cash to pay off some other debts.

PM me if interested.
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