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Random Poclet Knifes FS, few good ones.


Well, others have, so why not me. :shrug:

Shipping is not included in price. To cover my ***, I am not responsible for injuries resulting in the use of these items. If you are underage, I prefer not to sell to you but arrangements can be made. Blah blah blah.

Anyways. We'll start with the good, and work our way down to the meh.

Take everything you see here MINUS the swiss army knife for 35 plus shipping. Your basically paying for the 4 good ones and getting the rest (4 leathermans, 3 jack knifes, 2 folders) free. The buck alone cost me that.

From top to bottom.
2. Buck Parallex 2.8. Bought to use at summer camp two years back, used it that week, then cleaned and stored since. Great condition. $20 plus shipping.
3. Smith and wesson cutting horse. Not sure on the specs, but its a big knife. Cuts well too, and has a cool reverse tanto thing going on. Had the box last night, cut it up for fun... anyways. Like new condition, barely used. Had it for a week before my concerned parents hid it, me being 11 at the time and they being concerned after I chopped my finger tip (before the bone, it grew back...) off , and I just found it again. Yay! $15 plus shipping.

Two knifes.
1. Interesting knife, some type of tool knife. To me, it sucked, but its some special type that has to be used just right. My grandfathers friend was peeling a stick with it, so he knew how to use it but. $5 plus shipping.
2. Winchester knife. Neat, well built, and decently sharp. $5 plus shipping.

Two knifes. Frost Waterbug and some weird folder, looks pretty cool and like a money clip. Lol. $5 for both of them, plus shipping.

Jackknife lot. 3 bladed one marked tampa bay, two bladed one that has a lock but I won't deny is cheap, and a kmart camo jackknfie with a bunch of cool features. $5 plus shipping for the lot.

Leatherman lot. Your typically ones. A NRA labeled one, a sheffield one, a mini walmart one, and a big one thats from some government business or something. Take the lot for $6 plus shipping.

Worth a shot at putting up, can't hurt.

1.) I ship via USPS, you pay, but I'll do a free tracking code to compensate.
2.) I can do Paypal (preffered) or MO, but MO takes at least a week to process.
3.) Be polite, Otters Bite. If you have a prob, either pm me please or sick the nearest moderator on me.
4.) No trades I'm afraid.

5.) Feedback in SIG. If you want a complete listing down to every little smidgeon w/ only one post pm me. No jokes now...

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Rabid Otter Paintballer!
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45 plus shipping for the lot.
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Rabid Otter Paintballer!
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Location: Maine.

Swiss army knife has been sold. Price has been reduced accordingly. Take the rest for 35 plus shipping.

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