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Echo 12-18-2011 03:42 PM

Warhammer 40K Tau Empire and Ork Armies; Beware Picture Heavy

I very much regret doing this, but college is expensive so up for sale is the majority of my Tau and Ork armies. I'd like to sell them all off as a one but I'm willing to split the armies. Unless you don't mind them shipping loose in a flat rate box I'd like to keep this sale local, as I don't have the army case foam necessary to properly package them.

Take one army for $200 or take both for $300, OBO


Models Approximate New Value
34 Firewarriors, 2 Marker Drones $35
1 Forgeworld XV81 Battlesuit $35
3 Complete, Painted XV8 Crisis Suits $75
2 Broken Crisis Battlesuits N/A
6 Complete XV25 Stealth Suits $44.50
6 Gun Drones $10
1 Complete Sniper Drone Squadron $38
2 Apocalypse Vehicle Command Sprues $13.20
3 Hammerhead Gunships, Skyray sprue $150
Random Bits Bag ?
7 Vespid Stingwings, 1 Strain Leader $42
3 Piranha Skimmers $75
Total New $517.70
-Asking Price- -$200-

Firewarriors; 11 of the models were painted by my local Games workshop staff (along with the Crisis suits); I won them in a raffle. The 11 black warriors have been stripped of paint, a quick coat of primer will clean up the leftover mess and leave you with a nice model you can paint to match your scheme. The remaining 12 models are my first attempts at painting these models; they can be stripped of paint using a cleaner such as LA's Awesome or other methods and re-primed. All missing pieces have been accounted for and are included.

Forgeworld XV81; This model has been taken apart and stripped of paint. All original bits are included, as well as a custom made Cyclic Ion Blaster. The weapons are interchangeable as long as you do not glue them in place. Comes with random bits including four Crisis Suit heads and Commander Shadowsun's helmet.

Crisis Battlesuits; These were also painted by the Games Workshop staff. All broken pieces are accounted for and included, and the set includes all the wargear and weapons that would normally come in a set. Most of these weapons are magnetized and fit into the slots on the model, allowing you to pick and choose your models setup every game.

Broken Battlesuits; All pieces are accounted for except for one flying base, which can be included if desired. The second model is obviously in need of repair, but all the pieces are there. Included with the weapons shown.

6 Complete XV25 Stealth Suits; Three are complete and painted, as shown, three are black primed and pinned but not glued. This was to allow easier painting. One of the unpainted suits has been magnetized to allow for weapon swaps. A bag of bits is included.

6 Gun Drones; Four are complete, two are missing the flying stands, one's weapons are in need of repair.

Sniper Drone Squadron; Complete, one drone broken but repairable, all pieces are included.

Apocalypse Vehicle Command Sprue; Both include the Tau vehicle bits as well as Chaos Space Marines and Eldar. For use with Apocalypse Formations.

3 Hammerhead Gunships; One painted, one base coated, one stripped. All include the Railgun and Ion Cannon weapons which are magnetized to the turret for easy weapon swaps. Flying bases are also magnetized. Comes with all the bits pictured, including all antennae for repairing the Sensor Spines and Target Locks on the models. One Gunship is completely magnetized to allow it to be easily converted to a Devilfish Troop Transport. One compete Skyray turret is included, also with magnetized missile options.

Convertible Tank; From Hammerhead...

To Devilfish;

All bits to fix the antennas are included;

Random Bits Bag; Random assortment of bits including two magnetized Crisis Suit arms that are repositioned and Broadside Battlesuit feet and Smart Missile System arms.

Vespid Stingwings; 8 pewter Vespid total, including the Strain Leader. All pieces are included. Easily stripped with acetone, just make sure to remove them from their plastic base first as acetone melts plastic.

Pirannah Skimmers; All but the black primered model have magnetized flying bases, and all include both the fusion blaster and burst cannon bits. Two have been magnetized to allow for easy weapon swaps, and all bits are included to complete the models. Pilots for both un-primered models are not glued in place to allow for easy painting.

Magnetized Flying Bases

Magnetized Weapons Options

Fly by Tau shooting;


Models Approximate New Value
63 Ork Boyz $174
6 Broken Boyz, repairable N/A
2 Trucks, one broken axle $66
8 Black Reich Nobs with Big Choppas $40?
1 Pewter Nob $15
1 Plastic Nob, magnetized $10
1 Black Reich Warboss $20
8 Storm Boys with Custom Nob $40
14 Shoota Boys with 4 big shootas $30
25 Fantasy Orcs $60
Total New $455
-Asking Price- -$200-

63 Ork Boyz; Self Explanatory, all models are complete.

6 Broken Ork Boys; Enough bits are included with to fully repair these models, giving you total of 69 Ork Boyz.

Bag of broken Boyz on the right.

2 Trukks; Newer plastic kit from games workshop. Assembled and primed, all pieces are included. One rear axle is been snapped off from storage, the break is clean and repairable.

8 Black Reich Nobs and Black Reich Warboss; Plastic Nobs from the Assault on Black Reich box set. All models are armed with Big Choppas and Sluggas except the Warboss, who has a Custom Shoota and Power Klaw.

Pewter Nob; This is an older style blister pack Nob with a custom converted shoota.

Plastic Nob; This model is from the Ork Boyz box set and has been magnetized to allow for easy weapon swaps.

Storm Boys; 8 pewter Storm Boyz. One is in pieces, but can be repaired. One has been converted to be a Nob, and wields a power claw. All are black primed.

14 Shoota Boyz; Green primed shoota boyz, including one nob and four moderately customized big shoota armed Boyz from the standard Ork Boyz box set.

25 Fantasy Orcs; Useful as stand ins for Ork Boyz if you happen to need more, or for use in conversions or gory scenery. Bag on the left.

Echo 12-24-2011 10:19 PM

Christmas bump!

Echo 12-27-2011 03:34 PM


Benaiah 12-27-2011 04:40 PM

Two things.

As a fellow engineer, i sympathize with the laws of thermodynamics in your sig.

Second, i may have someone interested in your sale. Ill be back with info.

Echo 12-27-2011 06:52 PM

Sounds good, keep me posted. I've got a few people "interested" on craigslist that haven't gotten back to me yet.

Echo 12-29-2011 12:48 PM


areo 01-14-2013 09:50 AM

Do you still have the tau?

Echo 01-14-2013 11:42 AM

Nope, sorry, everything sold on craigslist a while ago.

areo 01-14-2013 11:46 AM

Darn thanks anyway

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