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Steven_Spinosa 12-01-2013 09:34 PM

Outdoor LED Programmable Signs
Side by Side
Pixel Detail
Hatch Open
Logic Boards
Hatch Interior
C8 Send Box Detail
Sign Face
Top Down Hatch Open
Buggy Video (I will try to find a less broken copy soon)

Howdy. This is a long shot, but if any of you are business owners or influential members of a church, perhaps you might be interested in taking these bad boys off my hands to expand your business volume or outreach.

What I have for you today are a pair of outdoor, weatherproof, electronic message centers. At their size and pixel pitch of 10mm, I would say they'd be most effective for viewing by foot traffic or low speed limit areas. They've got the same heart and soul as those gigantic LED message billboards you've seen on many interstate routes, they're just smaller (fewer pixels and tighter 10mm clusters than the 25-35mm billboards).

These are Optec Infinity signs with 10mm pixel pitch. This means that each cluster of red, green, and blue LEDs are 10mm apart, center-to-center. There are 40 vertical pixels and 64 horizontal pixels per face. Each cabinet weighs just a bit under 100 pounds. The signs measure a little over 3 feet wide, a little over 2 feet tall. Their depth is about 8", and about 10" if you count their (removable) angle iron. Each cabinet has angle irons for mounting to walls or other structures. Each cabinet is made from thick aluminum, and the hatches are built in such a way that no water gets into the interior. The signs draw about 120W each after they get going. Their initial power use spikes up much higher, but settles down to about 120W each a few minutes after bootup. I have them running on normal house current at the moment, both on a typical 3-prong power strip. The signs put out a few thousand nits of brightness, and can operate at 60 frames per second, which offers very smooth and convincing movement on-screen.

The sign is a master/slave pair, which means that they are physically identical to one another, the exception being the presence of a controller CPU in the master cabinet. The slave side merely plays what the master side is doing.

Now for the software end of things. The signs accept messages in a variety of ways:
Ethernet Direct: connect your laptop/PC to the data cable leading into the master cabinet and transmit (requires static IP on user PC)
Ethernet Wireless: the sign can broadcast a wifi network, which after joining, your laptop/PC can transmit (requires static IP on user PC)
Ethernet Networked: the sign can be programmed to function as a member of your existing network for easy transmission (requires static IP applied to sign).
Ethernet Global (current setting): the signs are currently configured so that if the master cabinet is plugged into your network, it pulls an automatic (DHCP) IP address, and then it signs into a global VPN (virtual private network) so that it can be reached for message transmission from just about anywhere. So long as your computer and the sign both have internet in their respective locations, you can transmit messages. This is my favorite, since I had been trying to rent out my signs. I had planned on leaving the signs with a customer and updating them remotely whenever the customer called and asked for a new message. I'm selling them outright now because I have given up on that dream and need to land the killing blow on an old demon of mine. :(

Let me know how you would like these configured, and I will make the alteration.

These signs accept scheduled messages, so you can space out messages far in the future, or only for specific days of the week if you wish.
Other fun features include:
Date/time/temperature display on the sign
Scheduled periods of sign brightness (be polite - 100% output at night is a bad idea)
Sign stores quite a few messages internally for retrieval later.

The signs take video files or image files, imported through a program I can give you some training on. You create messages in advance, and send them out with another program later. This can be pretty handy when used in conjunction with the global communication method I described above.
Your sign can just sit running wherever you installed it, and so long as it's receiving power, you can program it from home.

I may make some revisions to this post, but this is pretty much everything I can think of.

Important notes:
These are heavy, bulky items that require the creation of crates for shipment. If by some miracle you live anywhere from Tampa to Ft. Myers, I will deliver them to you myself in a truck borrowed from a friend. If you can come get them, I'll shave $300 off the price.
I *will not* install these. I'm a software guy at heart. You should really have a professional electrician check out how you wired them before using these 24/7.
I will give you all the paperwork for these signs that I have, but their warranty is just about out. I know where more parts can be acquired, but these signs don't have a lot of use on their parts. Just age. I will give you the proper software for them, and helpful PDF and video tutorial files.

If you want, I can create a few vivid, potent messages for you (basically mini-commercials) to encourage the sale of the signs. I'm pretty good at content creation.

Some ideas if you buy these for your paintball park:
Cycle them through your:
Field rules
Concession prices
"Closed On" dates
Current field of play ("FIELD 6 - PINK TEAM TAKES N. SIDE")

Let's say you're thinking about new signs for your church: Program them to give out information about who is speaking for that day, the title of the sermon, perhaps the next few weeks' events. Another good idea would be to put the signs near the exit of the parking lot, facing inward, so that as your church members left they could see messages such as "NOW ENTERING THE MISSION FIELD".

Let's say you own a small downtown/Main Street shop. Place them in your windows facing the street to attract drivers going below 25MPH, or angle them to be seen more effectively by the pedestrians who may choose to walk into your establishment.

Let's say you own a business park and have several bays rented out (or a strip mall. A good idea for these signs would be to mount them about 10 feet up on a wall or a pole, and angle them slightly downward, back-to-back. Play messages/advertisements for a handful of the businesses renting units from you. Perhaps offer time on the LED boards to them for an extra $200 per month? You get more money from your tenants, your tenants make more sales due to the advertising, and I get my signs sold :) Everyone wins.

And so on. Heck, if it would help me unload these, I will create a series of messages to your specification and record the signs playing it just so you can see if it's worth it for you. Getting rid of these signs will help me finally overcome the debt that has been haunting me since 2006.

If you've followed me this far, you're probably interested. Here's the scary part: I'm asking $3000 OBO for these. They were $7200 brand new, and I bought them from one of our customers second hand for $4200. Again, I can provide absolutely all documentation and schematics for these on demand if you're interested. I would prefer paypal, check, or silver bullion ;)

Mods, if this is somehow inappropriate for this forum, I apologize, but if you can refer me to someone who'd buy them, I'll give you a 10% cut lol. Take care and thanks for looking!


Steven_Spinosa 12-11-2013 04:20 PM

Added a non-buggy video.

Steven_Spinosa 01-01-2014 11:14 PM


Steven_Spinosa 01-08-2014 12:39 PM

Slapped it up on eBay (here) with OBO pricing, along with the rest of my goods (here). Thanks for checking this out.

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