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K_Obeastly 08-15-2006 09:50 PM

older PC games for trade
I've been wanting to try a game swap for awhile and posting this will make me finish up.

If we trade I will be sending the original disk and registration/liscences and will ask the same in return. 2/3/4/5/... for 1's are not out of the question, just depending on what you have to offer and what you want for it.
If you have some older games you don't want feel free to list them (so long as it doesn't breaks MCB rules and such).

I don't have my list of everything with me right now but here a few of them.
These are all PC games, no console games

rainbow six
half life (removing due to finding holy wars beta 1 mod for half life)
half life opposing force
half life blue shift
gunman chronicals (half life mod half life req)
counter strike condition zero
unreal gold
unreal tournament - the first one
aliens vs pred (I think it may be AVP 2 but not sure, its a 2 disc set and I have 2 copies avail)
red faction
die hard nakatome plaza (sp)
medal of honor allied assault
no one lives forever
carmmageddon 2
touring car challeng 2 (toca2)
ms motocross madness2
alone in the dark 1,2,3 (older RPG, not porn)
tribes 1 and 2
rise of the triad (I believe it is the full version)
heretic, hexen, and an expansion pack (all on one disk)
ultimate race pro
die by the sword + limb from limb expansion
hitman codename 47
septerra core
serious sam 7/15 levels, I think it may just be a big demo but it's enough to make you sick of it
soldier of fortune, platnum

marine sharpshooter - 15 minutes worth of entertainment, sadly that 15 minutes was doing the install and configuring controls. after that its just crap

some of the games I want in trade
slave zero

lucas arts RPG/interactive movies (excluding full throttle, grim fandango, curse of monkey island, escape from monkey island)

warcraft 1 and 2

command and conquer red alert

diablo 1 and 2

thief 2

giants citizen kabuto


warzone 2100

Kingpin (did that ever get released?)

Lord of the clans (ever released? it was going to be like the lucas arts RPGs but in the warcraft world, They have books of it but I just want the game)

descent (other than the first one)

odd world abes exodus

something from the army men series

Sexy_Chicken 08-15-2006 10:22 PM

You wouldn't happen to have the first Deus Ex, would you? I have the first two WarCrafts sitting around here somewhere and might have the first Diablo as well.

mike31c 08-15-2006 10:25 PM

I will be interested in a cash deal to you if you have UT:2k3

bacci paintball 08-15-2006 10:37 PM

Man, Carmegeddon is a great game!

K_Obeastly 08-16-2006 12:27 PM

sorry no deus ex or UT 2k3.
I am not sure how it fits in with MCBs rules but I have no problems with everybody listing what they have to get rid of and what they want in here. I'd love to have a permanent game swap thread.

edit cleaned up a bit, moved added games to first post

DarkNinja 08-16-2006 06:05 PM

The origional Deus Ex is in my top 5 favorite games ever. God the whole government conspiracy plot in that got me paraniod for a while, if you push technology a hundred years into the future it could happen....


Im looking for Nerf Arena Blaster, I had it years ago and it was a blast, just imagine an all neon colored UT with nerf guns and thats this game.

i have these and am no longer needing them:

UT2K3 - does this need a cd key? ill look for the box if it does
Midnight Club 2
Hitman 2
Diablo1 (its here somewhere i played it just a month or 2 ago, i still play d2:lod)d1 for gunman?
ill look through all the boxes of stuff in the attic later, i had tons of stuff.

K_Obeastly 08-16-2006 07:34 PM


d1 for gunman?
if that was towards me, yeah. I'll dig around and try to throw in something else due to not thinking that highly of gunman. I should even have a copy of megaman 3 on disk somewhere as well, it might have been rockman 3 (japanese version).

melkson 08-16-2006 08:33 PM

i'd be interested in hitman and CS:CZ. I have C&C Red Alert and the expansion Aftermath. PM me if interested.

K_Obeastly 08-23-2006 10:39 PM

I am interested in cs:cz and hitman for CandC, let me know if you didn't get my PM.

incynr8 08-24-2006 05:50 AM

heretic and hexen, please PM me.
Does anyone have BLOOD?

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