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Emergency Lighting ( FF, EMT, Police)

Ok, first up is a visor mounted Sho-Me brand LED light. This is a RED/WHITE light. It is new, was recently removed from box. There really isn't much to say about it, it works GREAT to clear traffic, and being an LED, unless the light is actually on you can't tell what color it is (not that it matters since this mounts o nyour flip-down visor ). Light attaches to visor VIA velcro. Simply plugs into your vehicles lighter receptacle ( no hard wiring needed) and has a rocker switch for on/off

We sell these in the shop for $125, Asking $75 shipped.

Please note, in NH the RED and RED/WHITE are approved light schemes for volunteer fire fighters, paramedics, and EMTs to use on their private vehicles. in your state it may be illegal for you to use RED lighting unless you are a police officer. it is up to YOU, the buyer, to know your states laws and rules RE the use of this light.

Videos of it in use are here:

Next item is a Sho-Me LED mini roof bar. This light has four 90 pound magnets on the base to make sure it wont move while on a vehicle in motion. plugs into vehicles lights, and features TWO rocker switches, one for turning the light on/off, and one for switching flash patterns. Light has approx. five flash patterns, including the "random" setting. Light is AMBER in color. Again, as with the light above, if this light is not turned on, then yo ucan't tell what color it is. in NH this light is legal for anyone to use/run for plowing, road work, emergencies, and situations like those. YOU are responsible for knowing the rules in YOUR state.

Shop price on the Amber bar is $280, asking $150 shipped
Vid's in action are:

And yes, someone is actually complaining that the light is bright in that video

Amber is legal almost anywhere ( plow trucks, things of that nature) However to save everyone trouble with hte R/W one, if you wish to buy the RED/WHITE light, then you must provide a phone number I can:
A, Reverse look up to match it to your orginization ( Pd, rescue squad, FD)
B. When I call this number they must be able to confirm that you are a member

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Folks make sure you check your local laws before purchasing... some states only allow certain colors.. and of course you need to be affiliated with an organization to have these mounted on your car.

We've had more than enough trouble here outside of Philly with kids buying light bars and such.... and even a few schmucks pretending to be cops (which is a fellony) be careful.

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Red/White visor light is no longer available
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