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Have: Lots of 40K, Fantasy, CBT Want: Anything Paintball, $$

I'll take whatever you'll offer me for this stuff, really. Seriously, I just want it gone.

Fantasy Dwarf Army (No pics yet, but I can get some if anybody wants)
35 Warriors (Assembled, in various stages of painting. A handful are Skull Pass Warriors. 2 Full Commands)
22 Thunderers (Unpainted except for 1. A few Skull Pass, 2 Full Commands)
5 Miners (Full Command, Skull Pass, unpainted)
10 Quarrelers (Unpainted, Champion converted from Skull Pass Lord)
1 Lord W/Great Weapon (Unpainted)
1 Engineer (Unpainted)
2 Cannons (Unpainted, 1 unassembled. 3 crew converted from Skull Pass Miners)
1 Organ Gun (Unpainted)

19 Warriors and Lord
15 Warriors
1 Thunderer Unit
Other Thunderer Unit
Extras-Miner Command, 2 Miners, 2 Thunderers (All Skull Pass)
Artillery Crew
Not pictured is the unpainted, assembled Engineer.

12 Fire Warriors-primed black, except one who's painted and based.
2 Sniper Teams-primed black, based with sand. One spotter was missing the foot of his controller, so the controller is balanced on a CSM helmet.
3 Pathfinders W/Rail Rifles-unpainted

2 Striking Scorpion Exharchs-unassembled
(First Eldar purchase gets 4 free Howling Banshee bodies)

11 Death Guard Bodies-unpainted, includes 11 backpacks
3 Terminators-in various stages of painting, includes 2 Combi-Flamers, 1 Combi-Bolter, 1 Chainfist, 1 Mace, 1 Chainaxe
Thousand Sons Bitz

Imperial Guard:
2 'Sly Marbo'-unassembled, unpainted, come with a free Catachan W/Flamer

Space Marines:
2 Space Wolf Iron Preists-unassembled
1 Librarian-partially painted
2 Chaplains-unassembled
2 Dark Angels Standard Bearers-unassembled, missing backpacks
1 Metal Scout W/Missile Launcher

Wood Elves:
1 Warhawk Rider-unassembled

Classic Battletech:
1 Orion 'Mech-primed black
1 Unseen Wasp 'Mech-primed black
1 Hatchetman-primed black
1 Banshee-primed black
Pic of the 4

3 Pirhanas-preferably unassembled, will take assembled and primed black.

Offer whatever you want. I'm specficically interested in a speedball-type marker-preferably a decent electro of some sort. I'll take markers that need some work done on them, I could use a new project.
I also need a pair of Tippmann 98Cs. I don't care about the condition, as long as they're fully functional. Just as long as they're cheap.

I also need:
1 Tippmann A-5 Drop Adapter
1 APE Rampage Board W/ Solenoid for A-5
Steel Brainded Hose and 90 degree adapters
Maybe a good 14" or 16" barrel to replace my old-DUMPER Lapco
Those are my top priorities, at least. Offer whatever you will.
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