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Quack Quack... It isn't "Turkey" day any more...

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    Quack Quack... It isn't "Turkey" day any more...

    Up for sale is my remaining Carter Duck. Really didn't think I would sell this, but I just dropped waaaaay too much money on Chistmas and Porsche parts. This gun was previously painted but has since been stripped back to silver. This is not a perfect piece, but isn't a hard abused "player's gun" either. There are some are some tiny idiot marks on the back of the valve, as well as some tiny bits of paint left (but only in hidden spots as shown in pics). The feed tube is held on with very strong double side tape, as the JB weld carter used cracked on its way to me. Comes with both the rare "whoosh" barrel and the stock barrel, 3 inserts, velocity tool and whatever spare bits I can find.

    Price - $2100 SOLD SOLD SOLD
    No Trades

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    How about trading that barrel for the stock one I got from you and some cash? Are they the same length by chance?