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Coffee order, 2.50$ off per bag.

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    Coffee order, 2.50$ off per bag.

    Don’t forget my price is in $Cad so all Usa shoppers you save another 20% from conversion rate!

    If you need help deciding I can do recommendations based on what you already drink. Since I do on demand roasting level the flavors I will tell you can vary a little.
    Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.

    I need to get some of your stuff. Christmas really has my fun money in a ringer, but your coffee is top notch.


    • BenoitOWN


      Editing a comment
      A new roaster is incoming
      This sale just help funds it.

      Since October I had 17pounds ordered and my small one can’t do it!

    I used to be heavy into wanting a great cup of coffee. Have a Breville Duo-Temp Pro collecting dust, when I got sick it changed my taste buds and made coffee disgusting. I am able to drink tea and it tasted like it should so I am happy but please enjoy a mug of the finest for me!