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Black Magic, JCS Launcher, Lapco Grey Ghost w/ Black Friday Pricing!

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    Black Magic, JCS Launcher, Lapco Grey Ghost w/ Black Friday Pricing!

    Decided to consolidate all my marker threads into one. Prices are OBO and include shipping (except the launcher) to USA.

    Potential trades - Would like to avoid trades as I have somehow acquired 4 guns in the last month!

    Black Magic in GunCandy Mongoose

    Built this over the past year and it is a phenomenal shooter. The gun was cerakoted in "gun candy" which is a pigment added so that it really pops in the sunlight. Its very hard to photograph but the gun looks beautiful.

    Build includes everything as shown below. 05 Black magic body, internals, Freeflow frame, Dye ASA, Stella Insert barrel, CCM Kit with oDm handle. The tip that was cerakoted is not polished on the inside, but it is a large bore and seems to shoot fine. I can also include a Deadlywind tip for $$.

    Price - $725 Shipped for Black Friday


    JCS Launcher

    Bought this on a whim and I am really on the fence about letting it go. Was aired up and tested before I got it, but I don’t have any rockets so I have not tested it.

    Price - $400 + shipping (since it is quite large, I will do my best to calculate an accurate cost)

    Lapco Grey Ghost

    Price: $335 SOLD (pic for posterity)

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    I would like the grey ghost


      Can I get a few more photos of the JCS?

      Buddy of mine has one, they are pretty legit

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      • Lt. head-shot

        Lt. head-shot

        Editing a comment
        Added some more for ya. And bonus no shipping costs for you!