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New Angel A1 Detents! (Beta test)

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    New Angel A1 Detents! (Beta test)

    Better yet, both kinds! I've got ones for the early-model one-piece eye covers...

    And ones for the later three-piece eye covers:

    They're a more flexible material than the originals, and the same stuff I've been making 'Timmy/Spyder detents out of for almost seven years now. I've tested these, on my own and customers' guns- I'm quite confident they'll work, but I'm considering this something of a beta test. I want to hear back from you, whether these things work great, or anything less than great.

    A 4-pack of either style, shipped inside the US, will be $12, PayPal'ed to

    Supplies are somewhat limited at the moment, but more are on the way!

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