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Cheap Phantom Pump Handles (3d printerd)

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    Cheap Phantom Pump Handles (3d printerd)

    Clearing out old stock to make room for new printing operations - drowning in stuff.

    For sale :
    • 3d printed phantom pump handle, short version flush to 8" barrel.
    Pricing :
    • 18 usd shipped each. (to USA) can probably drop it down to 15 usd for ya tho since I said cheap in the title :P
    • additional can be added for big clearance discount.
    Compatibility :
    • stock phantom with standard barrel
    • single-rod pump kit (or no pump-kit)
    Inventory :
    • 5+

    Video :

    Click image for larger version  Name:	0oY4WAK.png Views:	0 Size:	359.2 KB ID:	181434
    4x havoc grips for sale
    5x phantom pump grips for sale

    Im interested and pm you just now