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Coffees sale! 15% off

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    Coffees sale! 15% off

    Need to renew my inventory.
    price in CAD, shipping extra(12-15$ per order)

    I have some:
    Brazil honey rainforest (specialty grade) regular 16.50$ Spécial 14$.
    2 bags possible

    colombia rainforest (specialty grade) regular 16.50$ Special 14$.
    3 bags possible
    (1 Sold)

    ethiopia dangura rainforest (specialty grade) regular 16.50$ Special 14$.
    4 bags possible (+ 1 half bag 7$)
    (1 Sold)

    colombia organic regular 13.50$ Spécial 11.50$.
    3 bags possible (+ 1 half bag 5.75$)
    (2 Sold)

    brasil regular (no certification)
    Only a half bag possible 6$

    Papua New Guinea (no certification)
    only a half bag possible 6$

    Come in regular coffee bag or 1$ extra for resealable bag with valve.

    Roasted to my choice or to your choosing.(no full city)

    whole beans or ground.

    about 380grams per bag

    While supplies last

    Last edited by BenoitOWN; 01-22-2022, 11:29 AM.

    Definitely interested, Will PM once the full list is up
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


      Having gotten some of the brazil honey for Walzmas, I can vouch for this mans product. Ill take a bag or two.. ill wait to see all avialable flavors.


        Full country list with quantity available is up now

        Roaster choice for specialty coffee is medium
        if you like it dark the not specialty one can be good at that but does medium/medium dark fine too.


          Lemme get a bag of brazil honey, rainforest, ethopia rainforest, colombia rainforest, and that half bag of papa new guinea.

          Roast and grind is your choice. I did get a new grinder so whole bean is fine.

          Price shipped to 55318?


            I have time for more coffee roasting!