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Mozak THICC 45 Frames

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    Mozak THICC 45 Frames

    Mozak THICC 45 Frames are finished with production and ready to go!

    Like the last run, I will keep these available in RAW on the website until this Sunday 7/10. Then Monday 7/11 I’ll be sending the remainder out to anodize for dust and gloss black to then be posted on the website a few weeks after.

    -45* Angle
    -Standard Slider frame thickness
    -GAT Autotrigger compatibility
    -2K Trigger plate compatibility
    -T Slot AND Threaded Holes for standard ASA’s
    -Hidden Frame Screws (Keymod)
    -Extended integrated snatch grip with threaded hole for beavertail and locking set screw on side
    -Nylon tipped set screws for under trigger plate
    -Easier to install set screws with counterbores on the underside
    -Hardware included, excluding springs/trigger plate/sear
    -Shipped in a custom cut foam case

    Price: $155

    those look nice
    WTB: TKO/AVI Impulse or body, B2K/BKO/PM, black vert air phantom parts, single trigger frames


      ooo im down for an anodized one


        Man these make me wanna start another project


          very nice !!!!
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          Meleager7 Feedback:


            Ok that's cool just ordered one that might look perfect for what I want to use it on. I like the hidden mount screws and how it goes all the way back to cover the back. Think a PE POPS would work in that T slot and mount flush without the rail?

            You wouldn't be interested in making two of those 12 round Stick feeds in aluminum so they can be ano matched, would you?


            • Fantom919


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              Sign me up for a few stick feeds haha

            • MozakMachine
              MozakMachine commented
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              Yup PE POPS and inception EZ ASA will work perfect, we’ll see about the stick feeds 🙃

            • Chuck E Ducky

              Chuck E Ducky

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              😍 You the Man!

            I wonder how much range one of these will add to my cocker.

            really like these


            • SETHZILLA!
              SETHZILLA! commented
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              Around eleventy feet with the wind behind you.

            Wow, very cool! Can I get a gloss black one when they're done?
            My Old Feedback (300+)


              PM sent.


                are these completely out of stock or are some sent to anodize?


                  Originally posted by WORR13 View Post
                  are these completely out of stock or are some sent to anodize?
                  Some will be back from anodize in a week or so


                    Are you sure that's a 45* angle and that it doesn't just take 45/1911 grips?


                    • Cunha
                      Cunha commented
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                      Yeah they are .45 like colt .45 aka a 1911 and at an angle similar to a 1911 as well.

                      As opposed to a “90 degree” frame like an angel or an “86 degree” frame like a ccm.

                    Would totally snag a black thicc 45 when they're available again
                    Feedback 3.0

                    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
                    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


                    • Meleager7


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                      i'm thinking of getting one as nice!

                    These ever get done from the anodizer?


                      damn, i missed em all. all sold out? doing another run?


                      • MozakMachine
                        MozakMachine commented
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                        Raw ones only last a few days, anodize ones a few minutes