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NSD2 Sheridan Parts - Bolts, bits, and bobs

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    Originally posted by mghealeytr View Post
    I need one of yours, Hi, I'll take a Standard PGP Bolt - $35
    (Pre-2k style, non-speed demon, cocking lug) Let me know how to get you paid and total to pay.
    George Wolf
    340 Bent Grass Dr.
    Roswell, GA 30076
    Hey George I totally missed this. I could probably make one this weekend.

    Originally posted by TarntKarntington View Post
    I'm interested in 2x KP2 bolt action please.
    Send me a PM, I have a few questions about your set up.


    Originally posted by Raven911 View Post

    man if you could crank out some PGP center fire bolts, we would love you forever.
    I have 4 prototypes made up that are going to be sent out. Once I get some feedback on performance, I will be cranking these out.


      Add me to the list of center fire PGP bolts please. Thanks!