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Roasted Coffee fall/winter edition

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    Roasted Coffee fall/winter edition

    Black Friday Week: Reserve your coffee for gifts! 2.50$ off per bag purchased! Price shown below are full prices. Buy now until end of November.

    Option of Origin:
    Papua New Guinea 18$ (1)
    Brazil 17.50$(2)
    colombia supremo 18$
    Guatemala 17.50
    Ethipia Yirgacheffe 20$
    Sumatra mandhelling 20$
    Costa Rican tarrazu 19$
    Ethiopian harrar 20$
    Tanzania peaberry 17$
    Ethiopian Sidamo 20$
    Haiti Savane zombie 23.50$
    Kenyan AA 23$
    Indian monsooned malabar 21$ (1)
    Colombia decaf 20$
    Mexican Altura 17$
    Rwandan Gakenke 21$ (1)
    Sumatran decaf 23.50$
    Costa Rican decaf 22$
    Congo Ruhunde-Karango 24$
    Hawaiian Kona 75$
    Jamaican blue mountain 70$

    Another supplier(commercial grade):
    Brazil 17/18 ssfc 14.50$
    Colombien RFA 15.75$

    Add 1.50$ for a Sealed bag with valve.

    Third wave quality bean and the flavors shown will depends from the roast chosen but can be used to know what type you would like best.

    Ethiopia Heirloom variety, grown at 2100m with natural bean. Shoud give a small fruits smoothie taste and maybe maple. 22$ (3)

    Colombia Rodrigo, Neira city. Natural and Cattura variety. 1900M. 21$
    Dried strawberry, blackberry and whip cream.

    Kenya kii, kirinyaga région. Washed. 1600-2000M 19$
    Orange marmelade, Plum, pineapple. Sl28-34 variety.

    Brazil Honey 18$

    Ethiopia Dangura, Aleta wando city near border of yirgacheffe. Washed. 18$
    Delicate, floral, pear with jasmin smell.

    Price are in Canadian.
    Shipping extra from Canada post with a commercial account. What is inside the ( ) is the quantity I can roast.

    You are paying for 1pounds of green coffee roasted by a home hobby in small batch. Generally using 35-40min from pre-heating, roasting, cooling, bagging, sealing and I will also grinds them if needed. Yields are 360-385grams.

    As a full disclosure I do not carry all of them but are available when I am ordering coffee and I buy 5pounds at a time so I get free shipping with my supplier and keep thing fresh. They are roasted to order to either my choice or your selection. I generally do medium roasting most of the time but will venture to dark roast/second crack on demand. I can tell you if you do blue mountain or Kona in dark your wasting your money.

    if you buy 1-2 bags turn around time is about 2-3day before final shipping and if you do 4+ pounds I may need a week since it is a hobby. Does not include the time to receive the coffee’s.
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    Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.

    Coffee accessories for sale:
    Aeropress (30) + metal filter (10) + PuckPuck cold brew maker (25$)
    65$Cad, Used and it does good coffee. I just switched to a Technivorm machine for my drip.

    Pallo Caffeine wrench, not good for my e61 group head.
    10$Cad, Used once
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    Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.


      New coffee in, Ethiopian third wave quality and 5 pounds available.
      Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.


        I've tried this.mans coffee and stand behind its quality!


        • Jonnydread


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          It’s VERY good. I worked in the specialty coffee industry for years and this coffee holds its open against some of the best I’ve had.

        Thanks for the comments
        Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.


          I had my new Ethiopian tonight and for those that will choose to sip on it, take your time. Enjoy it slow as it cool down the flavors get better. No need to go for a cold sip.

          the fruit smoothie is present and I think I found the maple in linger.

          definitely a good specialty.
          Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.


          • Jonnydread


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            Can't wait to try it!

          Black Friday week until end of November.
          2.50$ off per bag purchased.

          new varieties option, reserve them now.
          Dealer for: Roasted coffee and TechT products.