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New Qloader Kits!

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    New Qloader Kits!

    Hello! The rumors are true, the Qloader renaissance is upon us! I recently acquired the last remaining new-old stock of Qloader parts (you may have seen the post from the previous owner), and I want to get them back into the hands of players. I fell in love with the Qloader system years ago and loved how it reduced my profile while playing. I have begun putting complete kits together to make it easy for you to buy and convert your setup. All kits are brand new, never used!

    Please read until the end! I want to make sure you have all the information/troubleshooting FAQs to help make you successful as well as proof that I have all the inventory.
    Currently selling:

    Qloader 500 Round System - $99 plus shipping
    • 5 pods that hold 100 rounds each
    • Qloader Pod Pack
    • Regular mounting socket and hardware
    • Reload winding socket and hose
    • 1 elbow (forgot to include it in the picture)
    You can also purchase the reload silos from me as well for an extra cost, but they have never been an ideal design and add too much length to the shipping box, so I recommend hooking the winding socket to a hopper with the tube for reloading.

    Qloader Individual Pods:

    1-5 pods: $20 each + shipping
    6-10 pods: $17.50 each + shipping
    10-20 pods: $15 each + shipping
    20+ pods: $12.50 each + shipping

    Regular mounting socket- $10 each + shipping
    Custom mounting socket – $15 each + shipping

    I also have a lot of random parts for attaching the Qloader system to specific markers, but that will have to be a future post once all of the parts are organized. Feel free to reach out to me in the meantime if you’re looking for something specific and I will try and find it!

    1. The pods have been in their manufacturing boxes and have never been in sunlight. The pods are made from polycarbonate which is very resilient, I have tested multiply pods and none of them are brittle or cracking! Everything you are receiving is new old stock from the packaging.
    2. I will be cross posting these on different platforms, but this forum or other groups will be the cheapest way to purchase them due to Ebay fees.
    3. There are a lot of resources out there (thanks Levi) for troubleshooting the Qloader and how to set it up and use it successfully, I definitely recommend checking them out to maximize your experience!
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    wow this kinda awesome i have to admit


      PM'd. Thanks for taking this on!


        So what happened to thedqlegend ? I know he had the warehouse.
        My Feedback:
        Bring a MCB member to Supergame thread


        • Lt. head-shot

          Lt. head-shot

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          Danggit, well I'm hoping DQ still honors the deal that he and I were working out... I was just waiting for him to get some parts.

        • Levi


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          Lt. head-shot I have a similar deal, waiting on the internal parts for the SSI's. I texted him when I heard of the sale and he assured me we were still on for the deal we had worked out. I don't think we need to worry.

        • rutz777
          rutz777 commented
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          I wouldn't worry about DQ, super stand up guy. He kept back any parts from current orders to make sure they'd get fulfilled. That being said, I'd make sure to honor any previous deals you had going to make sure you're taken care of.

        Originally posted by jokers View Post
        So what happened to thedqlegend ? I know he had the warehouse.
        I ended up not having the time to dedicate to this project and sold everything in bulk to rutz777