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Introducing the KAM Designs/Venomous Designs Evo V2 Foregrip.

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    Introducing the KAM Designs/Venomous Designs Evo V2 Foregrip.

    Introducing the KAM Designs/Venomous Designs Evo V2 Foregrip.

    If these look familiar there is good reason. I have worked a deal with Venomous Designs to license and reintroduce their product line.

    These were never produced in the past. These parts are machined off the original 3d models from years past.

    This is a one-time run and will be the last time these are made. I will consider them retired after this run. So get them while you can.
    • The parts will be the same Quality as you would expect from VD or KAM Designs
    • You will be dealing solely with me. You will be paying me. I will be using my suppliers. I will be inspecting and shipping the parts. Everything will be dealt with solely by me.

    Finish: Raw

    Total price will be $125 +Shipping (USPS small flat rate)
    • $75 Payment to secure your foregrip due now.
    • $50 +Shipping due upon completion.
    • Absolutely No refunds. Unless the project falls thru then full refund will be made.

    Time frame to Production Start: February 1
    Completion: Spring 2021
    Post then PM me for payment info. I will then send over a paypal invoice.

    Include: Both in PM & Payment notes: Your Address, your screen-name, Which forum, Also please include KAM/VD V2
    I will be producing as many as are ordered.

    The List
    I will be using AO to keep a single list online, I also have a master list in excel. Please see here --->

    I will put up a drawing with overall size and mounting dims shortly. So people can plan their projects.