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Doc's Automag Barrel Adapters are Back in Stock!

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    Originally posted by pinata View Post
    Will you ship to Canada?
    -Of course! If you're not in a huge hurry, I can send it First Class for I think about $14. (I'd have to check, January is usually when they crank up the prices. )

    Hurtful words. That made my RT Classic cry.
    -I said "funky", not "weird" or "stupid".

    I wanted one of those for a time, 'til I saw a pic in a magazine of someone playing with one. Once you add an elbow and a loader, I didn't realize how tall those things were- and that was back in the days when Adrenalin would sell you a 4" tall feed neck for your Angel.

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    • Dusty Bottoms
      Dusty Bottoms commented
      Editing a comment
      Ha! Very true, I have caught a couple hopper shots because of it. I have an illogical love of them though!

    Arguably the single most useful upgrade for a Classic Mag, in my opinion. Certainly the best value for your dollar. This was a weighted comment, but I don't use Level 10 bolts on Classic valves (haven't needed them when using a Revvy).