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HK Trex & HDE Earth 170r

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    HK Trex & HDE Earth 170r

    Hey mcb,

    I have two markers for sale at the moment.

    First, my HK trex.

    I’ve got a beautiful HK trex for sale. It looks even better in person.

    Looks virtually new, case signed by Ryan Greenspan. Not that it adds value but still neat.

    100% working order


    Case// 3 barrel backs// pressure tester// barrel cover// a TON of spares. You will never need to buy a part for this marker. It comes with the stock spares, a captain oring kit and a field one kit.

    $700 TYD

    Next is my 170r

    In excellent shape, no real signs of wear visible.

    If you don’t know already, these are tanks and excellent shooters.

    This will come with everything it would stock MINUS barrel cover.

    $700 TYD

    Since it’s MCB.... taking trades?


      Originally posted by Blackmagic71 View Post
      Since it’s MCB.... taking trades?
      I’d prefer to sell out right but certainly willing to take a look!


        170r SOLD