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PE LV1.6

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    PE LV1.6

    Hey everyone. Looking to fund my new gravel bike purchase so the least used item goes on the chopping block.

    Zircon colorway PE LV1.6 purchased new last year. Used for one field day of play and currently has 2,500 shots or so on the ticker. Has been cleaned and stored ever since. Comes with everything new in package (manual, spare parts/ram, oil, barrel condom, case, allen keys, etc.) Stock FL .689 back with carbon fiber tip is included. Dust silver Infamous Silencio V2 can be included for additional.

    I hardly get to the field anymore and when I do, I usually reach for a mech over this as I hate bringing this out against rentals/new players. Plus the scene has moved away from speedball so my loss is your gain.

    Price: $1,150 includes silencio barrel / $1,100 without silencio. Price includes USPS-Priority Flat Rate shipping.
    As for trades - I'm not really looking for anything at this time but feel free to offer something as long as it comes with some cash.


    Thanks for looking!