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2010 Alien Independence For Sale Only

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    2010 Alien Independence For Sale Only

    Hello everyone! I have for sale a 2010 Alien Independence.

    I haven't played paintball for at least a decade (10 years), and I am finally at the point where I need to sell my markers and gear.

    I am hoping to sell this as part of a fundraiser to help me with paying for dental work to get myself false teeth/dentures.

    The marker is in excellent condition, with very little wear on it at all. The marker has been sitting for a decade in my gear bag, but protected by the Alien marker sleeve. I was also smart enough to take out the battery before storing it, so there's no corrosion on the board or battery contacts. Despite anything, the buyer of this marker should take note that it will require maintenance and I think an o-ring refresh would be a good idea. Also, I have not powered on or aired up this marker since pulling it out of my gear bag, so, if anyone wants to see it powered on, I will get a battery and take a picture. I don't have a usable air tank, so I can't test fire.

    I can't remember what all the statistics are, but it has an OLED Hater board, CP reg, and CP on/off ASA. It has the stock 2-piece 16" barrel (don't remember the bore size), and also a stainless steel Dye Boomstick Barrel back (.690) with two barrel tips (12" and 14" I believe). As pictured, it does come with the marker sleeve which also holds all of the barrel pieces along with the marker (normal wear and tear on the sleeve, but no rips or holes).

    I'm more than happy to answer questions and/or take more photos if there's any interest, so feel free to ask!

    I'm not 100% sure the value of this marker, but I would like to get $431.03 Paypal'd and Shipped within the U.S. only (only the 50 states, sorry). I can negotiate privately with you to find the right price, but I only accept Paypal as payment, to protect us both from any adverse situations.

    Thanks for looking, and be sure to look out for some other listings from me, as I have more to sell!



      You'll definitely want to toss in a board and verify that it works at a bare minimum. Prices have ranged a bit on Facebook since the pandemic started.