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Eclipse Etha 2 for sale with ST3 bolt, like new condition. 390 shipped

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    Eclipse Etha 2 for sale with ST3 bolt, like new condition. 390 shipped

    Reposting this with better photos and price drop. I got this awesome gun in a trade and know it will be forever until I ever get to use it. I wasn't sold on these until I finally had one in my hands. It just feels like a tool to win at paintball. This is such a straight forward awesomely easy to use gun that it really makes me happy to know that paintball has finally really mastered making good reliable electros.

    Comes complete as a new gun with all spares and tools and grease. ready to rock.

    Has the upgraded ST3 bolt which is about 60 dollars retail price. Original bolt is included.

    Asking 390 shipped.

    Any offers? Next stop is ebay


      Looks like I'm back in the electro game after a long hiatus. Thanks again for your patience with my back and forth on the transaction Cunha and I look forward to fielding the marker.


        Thanks. Sold to ego10baller


          Did you notice a difference in the st3 vs the stock bolt?
          πŸ’€ PK x Ragnastock πŸ’€


          • BenoitOWN


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            There is only a single claim on the St3 bolt and it is gentle on paint. PE only recommend for brittle or cold weather.

            No old age marketing.

          I had the same question to someone who was asking to buy the bolt alone. I'm a firm believer in regular old bolts, and barely shot this gun at all. Others say the ST3 bolt does help with brittle paint. I'm not sure if it's snake oil like the old "safety" trigger frames that were "designed to bend in the case of an impact to protect the player" which was a blatant falsehood in order to explain why they made their guns with trigger frames that barely stood up to normal play.

          However these new guns with the plastic frames are super duper beefy and great. So they fixed that. No idea on the bolt though! Maybe ego10baller can tell ya


          • Jonnydread


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            I had an Etha 2 and it was already pretty gentle on paint. Bolt upgrades in any gun with very, very few exceptions always feel iffy to me.

          • iamthelazerviking
            iamthelazerviking commented
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            I've never chipped once with the Gamma core/stock bolt. Over the course of a few years, not one break.

          Can’t believe this lasted as long as it did.

          Wish it had been available a month or so ago when I bought mine.

          Great marker. Buyer will be happy.

          Glad you got it sold.