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Creamsicle racegun fs/ft

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    Creamsicle racegun fs/ft

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    1 of 1 anodizing
    New eyes
    New battery
    Tickler lpr
    Sto style ram
    Circuit board capacitor replaced
    Timed and working
    Currently on semi 15 bps
    Semi matching grips
    No barrel INCLUDED
    Charging cable.

    Extras it comes with
    Two spare 2k5 race frames
    Spare set of eyes
    Ball detents and inserts
    Blue 2k5 racegun front block
    Blue left side eye cover
    Some other small miscellaneous race frame parts

    $925 shipped within the U.S. I won't ship internationally sorry.
    Feel my price is to high? Offer up a price. Maybe I'll bite. ( Had offers of 1000-1100 on ebay though)

    Or trade for.
    Anything around the same value
    Anything with cash to make up value.
    tribals +$$$
    Etha2 +$$$
    Shocker rsx/xls +$$$
    160r +$$$
    Dye dsr +$$$

    I pretty much only play with a shocker amp these days. So whatever I get in trade I'll just end up selling anyway.
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    Ooh thatโ€™s real pretty
    ๐Ÿ’€ PK x Ragnastock ๐Ÿ’€


      that thing is SWEET!