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Planet Eclipse LV f/s

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    Planet Eclipse LV f/s

    Another one of my guns that it sucks to part with but I'm paring down the collection and focusing on mech play more so I gotta let this LV1 go. I've slowly tuned this gun to perfection (for me) in the 2 years I've owned it. With the heavy rammer and the medium SFR speeds it's running the shot is insanely smooth but snappy and satisfying. The color is a fairly rare combo of brown and moonstone that I think was called Spekta. Either way it's stunning in person. Gun has been very well maintained. Blemishes are the allen wrench hole in the ram cap is rounded out a bit (seen in the 1st pic) but an extra one (not of the same color unfortunately) is included that's new. The original AT pipe has a scratch but was replaced with a new one and the original comes with it. As it goes with these PE guns the grip jewels are cracked and the left side has some paint in the crack. Comes in original case with shaft barrel, tools, extra seals, and manual. Really a great electro with a mech shot feel for those old school types.

    $525 shipping/fees included SOLDSOLDSOLD
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    Price drop and bump for the weekend


      Sold on the facebooks