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Clean Trilogy Pro SF

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    Clean Trilogy Pro SF

    Have a Trilogy Pro SF
    $200 to your door.
    it'll come with the electro "pneu-cocker" frame but I usually used it with the mech frame which it'll also come with on sick dye stickey grips!

    I had the electro frame to test if it still works and few weekends ago it rips. I replaced the detent with one I 3d printed and redid the spring so no issues double feeding. Eyes work good. I replaced all the hoses and o-rings on the marker. Rebuilt LPR and Ram, I removed the QEV and used a STO swivel fitting .Has CP reg and I made it so the guage is tucked Infront of the frame for that clean look. Has WGP on off asa. Clamping feedneck.

    ​​​​​​Will come with stock WGP barrel .689 .687, 12 and 14inch tips.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Good price for some good stuff!
    πŸ’€Wild Card, RagnastockπŸ’€