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Toxic toys Tribal Fluster

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    Toxic toys Tribal Fluster

    Tribal Fluster

    Every o-ring was replaced. Lpr holds steady no creep. Unfortunately the HPR (inline) reg does slowly creep, even with new seals and a reg seat. I will include an extra polyurethane and nylon reg seat if you wish to try getting to to seal better. I've read polishing the adjustment pistons face can help out, but it already looked smooth.

    Luckily the HPR is black and you can slap a better reg on it and have it match.

    These are better left as collector peices. But with a decent HPR they can be decently consistent.

    Back plate is purple. I'll upload pics of that later.

    $280 obo shipped in the U.S

    Quick air up test video. No paint left sorry 🤷‍♂️

    never shot one of these but the single trigger sure is nice.
    WTB: TKO/AVI Impulse or body, B2K/BKO/PM, black vert air phantom parts, single trigger frames


      Yeah Andy (WarpedMephisto) spent a good amount of time trying everything he could to come up with a fix for those stock HPR's.
      He finally came to the conclusion that the metal they were using in Bulgaria was pretty soft and poor quality. At the time you could pick up
      an old style WGP hpr for like 15 bux or if you wanted something that would take a gauge you could snag a WGP Ergo for about 25. Either
      did a great job and looked pretty decent on all of the models,,,,


      • Poppets 4 Life
        Poppets 4 Life commented
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        It's just weird. Some work just fine. Others no matter what I try they always creep some. It's not a serious creep. But around 5 psi every minute.

      • ~kaos~
        ~kaos~ commented
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        Yeah, but it might be just 5 psi for 3 weeks or 3 months then BOING..... damn thing unwinds your gauge needle and sprungs your spring.
        Just like ICD hpr's, I sent the Tribal regs to the train station.