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Eclipse LV1

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    Eclipse LV1

    Eclipse LV1 in dust blue/gold with both rams, oring kit, case, manual, and grease. It gases up without leaks and shoots great. Absurdly smooth for a poppet. There is heavy wear on the pipe. The eye covers are silver/chrome. There is also anno wear on the barrel tip, ASA, and around some of the edges. The opto sensor for firing seems to not activate, but the microswitch works well. The Rotor is also included (not parting).

    I'm asking $385 shipped.
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    That's a great deal. Wish I had the money right now! GLWS
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      Price drop, can also throw in a model 1 Dye Rotor.




          Interested if not sold yet!


          • Hobbes


            Editing a comment
            It hasn't sold yet. I'm planning to run to the post office tomorrow if you're interested.