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Dye DM3 with Upgrades

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    Dye DM3 with Upgrades

    Good Morning All!

    Today i am listing my brothers Dye DM3 that has been a back up since bought new in 03'. Over the years, my brother added various upgrades to the marker. This marker has barely any use over the years and am almost certain it has not been shot since at least since 2008. On 1/20, I took the marker and snapped a bunch of pictures, but am only going to post the main ones. I also have a video of the board being functional, but do not have air to be able to cycle. When i removed the bolt, it still had quite a bit of lube! Please see the known upgrades listed below and can provide more photos upon request.

    The $ is a sticker and can be removed before shipping!

    Additionally, i have taken pictures of the blemishes on the marker, which will also be posted and called out below:
    • AKA Gladiator in-line Regulator (Some wear and tear/not affecting performance)
    • CCM adjustable feed neck
    • Shocktech Drop-Forward (Some wear and tear/not affecting performance)
    • Hybrid Trigger Frame
    • AKA SCM LPR (Does have some scratches underneath. Highlighted in picture named 'LPR Blemish")
    • Tadao Musashi Chip (Was originally purchased for a DM5. Believe i still have the manual for Chip and can be included)
    • Board (After doing some digging, the board looks to be a Lucky board of some sort based off pictures)

    Also, I can include a barrel and can take pictures of either if requested:
    • 14 inch (.686) Gloss Red Dye Ultralite
    • 14 inch (.686) Custom Products 2-Piece Black back/Yellow Tip

    Looking to get $325 OBO, which will include the barrel of your choice. I am flexible and willing to work with the right person if this gun is going to go to a good home!

    EDIT: Would be open to Trades, but would need to be the following to be considered. I WOULD add cash as needed:
    • Dye NT
    • Dye M2
    • Dye DM10+
    • P.E Lv1.?

    Thanks and have a great day!
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    Last edited by TurmoilB1899; 01-25-2024, 06:13 AM.

    Sick marker! GLWS


      Much appreciated! As mentioned its OBO so all can feel free to offer up!


        Price drop from $400 to $325 OBO!


          Hey, do you still have the DM3 for sale? Thanks