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Epiphany with extras and parts kit, Eggy 2.

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    Epiphany with extras and parts kit, Eggy 2.

    Time to move a few items that just need new homes.
    All these markers and parts and things were family items, having sat in the paintball bin at my brother's house until a new ACL told him his days were done, for now.
    These are the electric items, check out the Mechanical post for a Core ZX and Spyder Xtra

    My brother picked up the Epiphany extras and Eggy for play on our team and after several years, life slowed him down.
    Passed on to me, I changed o-rings out, lubed it up and got it running. Ran great, but the on/off button just wasn't working right, ordered a new one and two spares.
    It turns on an works fine without the button, turning on and off via the microswitch. I made a discretionary call that I wasn't going to mess with it, and let a new owner who knows more give it the home it needs.

    Powers up, gasses up and shoots. 360 QEV, firebolt, CP feedneck (old one included). Gloss freak barrel, Silver front, and classy potato masher Apex front in dust.
    Parts kit with the included goodies as pictured, plus SP barrel sock, original manual and Allen(?) marker case in the gray/black and red trim style.

    $250 shipped in the States to your door.

    Second is the Viewloader Evlution 2.
    Per the pics, its in awesome shape and runs. No feed neck cracks, no cracked lid. One very minor crack in the body right side by feed neck.
    Did I mention it runs? Plus comes with a second Z board( I have not touched a battery to the spare)

    $40 shipped in the States to your door.

    OBO's Paypal and combined shipping on items for additional clarity.

    $40 for an Eggy? oh Sir, you tempt me so. Do I NEED another egg? no but I can't pass up a good deal. Imma sleep on this one, expect a DM tomorrow


      I'll take the epiphany and goodies, let me know info


        PM Sent regarding Epiphany