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Invert Mini Bonanza!

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    Invert Mini Bonanza!

    Up for sale are 3 Invert Minis. $185 Shipped USA each - Your pick.
    ONLY SILVER LEFT. These are now on ebay. You can still buy here until sold there.

    All have been teched, tuned, fully torn down, full o-ring rebuilds, new poppets and chrono'd. These are ready to rip!

    These all have the Emipre Relay on/off upgraded asa's. Many new and replaced parts on them. The capacitor's on the boards have been replaced when needed. Should give you great trouble free play.

    I've been a mini afficionado since they released, and for whatever reason, enjoy fixin em up, getting them in tip top shape. I have way too many Minis. Help me out and take some off my hands. If you hate my price, tell me why

    The good (mini) stuff:

    The Silver Mini - "La Plata" - $185 Shipped
    Note the new Nummech no-rise feedneck

    SOLD SOLD ​ The Red Mini - "El Fuego" - $185 Shipped
    Note the new Inception feedneck

    SOLD SOLD The Red and Black Drop-Forward Mini - "El Diablo" - SOLD$185 Shipped
    With Nummech gas-thru drop forward!​​

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    Non-mini user here. What is the capacitor that goes bad? How often does that happen? And is it something that the og axe suffers from as well?


    • caylegeorge
      caylegeorge commented
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      These boards all have a cap on them that is similar to Eblade boards - They are not really an issue, and they don't often go bad. But, seeing as these are pushing a decade old, its good practice imo to give em a swap out. Its simple insurance as a quality capacitor is about $2, and easy to solder/unsolder if you are used to board work. I've had 2 go/be bad across about 15 minis. An axe shares the same board(s) and also has the cap on it as well.

      Nice thing is that every part, including the solenoid is available for these markers and they still are very competitive.

      Pretty sure some of these minis have a brand new solenoid in them, but cant remember which lol But, deffinitely all are fully rebuilt and tested.

    I like the fuego that’s nice
    πŸ’€ PK x Ragnastock πŸ’€


      Open to offers, Would love to get these to someone who can appreciate them


        I have 4 minis I use for loaners. They are fantastic for first timers, casual players, or back up guns. Having the on off asa at a 185 price is a killer deal for sure. Good luck with your sale someone is gonna get a great maker for a good price.


        • VintageZoomer
          VintageZoomer commented
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          Love my invert mini. I finally gave up on trying to find the relay asa and just bought an adapter.

        These are now all on Ebay, Thanks