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    Amazing seller worked with me and shipped stuff to me in Poland. Packaged amazingly.

    Will not hesitate to deal with him again.




      Bought a nice little (left feed) Phantom from this gentleman. Shipped fast, and Phantom arrived in great shape. Would absolutely do business with him again!



        Purchased a like new Sidewinder and a few other bits. Excellent as always.
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          What a great guy to do business with. I bought a Phantom VSC from him, and he packaged it very well, prompt shipping, and he even threw in an XL insert for the barrel. 10 out of 10 stars here.
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            Bought a PGI Firestorm from him and all went well.
            I can haz feedback?
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              I sold him an RPG Triton frame and Deadly Wind grip... and I bought a benchmark frame from him. Both transactions went great. He's an honorable fella, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.


                Purchased a 2k2 green serpent autococker sniper from latches109 ... great seller, prompt communication, fast shipping and great packaging! He even threw some extra goodies and freak inserts for cheap. I would not hesitate to buy from again. Mahalo!
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                  Purchased a black krusher autococker from latches109 ... great seller, prompt communication, fast shipping and great packaging AGAIN! I would not hesitate to buy from AGAIN. Mahalo AGAIN!

                  Great buyer too... offered me more than what I asked. Enjoy building the sniper!
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                    Sold a Phantom feedneck adapter to Latches, super easy transaction...thanks again!
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                      Super good guy. Sold me an AIM Autococker and several parts for it. Fast shipping and very easy to deal with. Please don’t hesitate to buy from Latches109.