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Menace's Feedback

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    Menace's Feedback

    As in the days of yore, if you've ever done business with me, thought of doing business with me, or heard from a friend about a guy who once considered writing a book about how awesome it would be to do business with me, do please feel free to drop a line. Every time you do, somewhere, a little kitten will find its lost mittens, an autococker gnome will earn a new set of tools, and a unicorn colt will grow another spiral in its horn.

    Cheerio, and my thanks!
    Have you seen That Paintball Channel?

    My Feedback

    ...where's all the posts? Menace is an exemplary member - courteous, helpful, kind, knowledgeable. Buy his stuff, sell him stuff.

    Anyway, he bought a bunch of 'cocker parts from me. As always, paid right quick, always a pleasure.

    And we've done business before, so count this as at least three or four positives.


      Menace is a fine gent.... buy from or sell to with the greatest confidence. He recently purchased a WGP Cocker from me, the transaction was smooth and effortless. We communicated when necessary and replied in timely fashion. I would whole heartedly deal with this gentleman again without hesitation. Cheers!