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    JTay Feedback

    Post away!

    I recently bought a "Project Emag" from JTay, Usually, "Project" means complete nightmare, but this was very straight forward, a fresh valve rebuild, and a new battery should be all that is needed. I am looking forward to doing business with JTay again.

    Although, you want to know something odd? After rebuilding the valve I go in my back yard to shoot the Emag, and I fall into this giant sink hole. I get transported into this old west town. Obviously the first thing I do is kick open the swinging doors to the saloon. Long story short I get in a duel with some local ruffians. We have this big shoot out. Right before the last standing ruffians bullet hits me in the chest, JTay, descends from the sky riding a rainbow colored tardigrade and stops the bullet. Next thing I know I am waking up in my back yard with the Emag in my hand and wet pants.

    Seriously, what are the odds that right after I do business with JTay we run into each other in a magic wild west town. Also what are the odds that all this happens after taking some LSD? Coincidence, or fate?