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DavionGuard feedback.

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    DavionGuard feedback.

    Bought some loaders from him and all went smooth.
    I can haz feedback?
    If I owe you feedback, just remind me, as I sometimes forget.

    Sold him a n Air Through T stock through his WTB. He paid so fast I thought I was using my ATM. Also followed up to confirn delivery promptly. Hes a pleasure to deal with.


      Bought JT frames from me. Smooth sailing!
      Feedback 3.0

      Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
      Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


        Nice high end trade.
        His markers came very well packed, and all in good working order. An excellent trader!
        Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

        MCB Feedback

        old PBN feedback


          Sold him a gun. Great to deal with, good communication. Paid right away. Would gladly sell him more stuff!
          Cuda's Feedback


            Bought a CVO and some other gear as a package deal. The whole transaction went super smooth. Everything was as advertised. I’m extremely happy with the deal. It was a pleasure doing business with him.

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              I purchased some parts from him. Fast shipping, good packaging, great service! A++


                Purchased a ccm series 5 marker from him. Great communications and smooth transaction. 👌