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XMT RT carbon body pneumag FST

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    XMT RT carbon body pneumag FST


    A4 Fly frame with pneumag sleeper conversion. (Vid of this actual frame being built... awesome watch regardless of interest in purchase)
    Lukes Teth rail, XMT RT style carbon body with detents and feed, clear grips (other non clear if preferred), X with LvL 10, real steel samson Mlok foregrip modified to work (not pictured. Looks like this but less gloss), FR carbon freak.

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    Willing to part if the want is there.....Prices are TYD, insured for selling price and OBO to a point... don't need to sell just maybe wanting to pick up other stuff
    Body/detents/feed $550
    Pneuframe $375
    X $300
    foregrip $40 (again one actually on the marker now is matte and not gloss, matches the rail/frame/asa nicely. I can get a pic if needed
    Gumshoe rail (not pictured) I'd be willing to sell for $100

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      I'm interested in the body/detents/feed, x-valve, and rail. Can you get me your best total price shipped to California?

      I have EMag lowers that need a home. I have wayyyyy too many pneumags at this point though hahaha. I also have an XMT aluminum body with the hex pattern at the front for partial trade if you're interested.


        Friendly ping here


          Are you no longer looking to sell? You've been on multiple times since my reply here as well as my PM and you haven't responded to me at all


            Originally posted by ryan View Post
            Are you no longer looking to sell? You've been on multiple times since my reply here as well as my PM and you haven't responded to me at all
            Just saw this so not sure about the "multiple times" I've been on here. I typically don't check over the weekend.... only on my work nights.

            Of course I want to sell... wouldn't have posted up if I didn't.
            Lowest I can go is $500 for the body/detents/feed, $275 for the X and $100 for the rail.... so $875 out the door.

            If you're looking to swap the emag lowers I'd need info... ULE lowers? Functioning battery? decent condition?
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              Hey, sorry, assumed you may have changed your mind and was trying to clarify or feared perhaps you sold items externally.

              I’m not looking to swap the lowers, sorry, maybe my language was unclear. What I’d like to do is get a rail/body/valve/etc to bolt the lowers onto and have a complete gun, which I think this could solve. The only thing missing would be an emag on/off, right?

              $875 sounds great - please PM me how to send payment!


                Bit of a hot take here - you’re not terribly good at communicating. I’m not sure buying from you is smart. Think I’ll instead pass on this.

                You realize your profile says your last login, so going for days on a for sale thread without responding is kinda…gauche


                  Ok…. No sweat off my taint. I work nights… 12 hour shifts Sun-Wed. That means my “weekend” is Thur, Fri,Sat…. I said I don’t typically check on the weekend. Having a page open on my phone (currently have 65) and it updating before I swap to a page I want doesn’t mean I “logged in”. Others I’m talking to that wanted to contact me simply PM’d me their phone number and I text them. The guy that bought my Angel on PBN did… guy on this site talking to me about my Vice and cocker for sale did…. Seems like someone that’s feels instant contact is needed would do the same. Logged on tonight to see if you responded… if you’re not interested anymore cool…. Don’t need to sell so your loss. Been buying and selling on since 2003 Mcarter for close to the same amount of time (can’t rememeber when I joined the old page) with multiple $1000 plus deals in that time. And even more lower priced deals. Never had a problem before… sorry your expectations of me weren’t met but I’m sure I’ll get over that pretty fast. If you decide to pull your panties out of your crack and decide you want them and need that instant response simply IM me your number. We can keep it a secret if you don’t want others to know you bought it after your magnificent post above.
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                  • ryan
                    ryan commented
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                    If you can’t be bothered to PM someone your paypal address, why on earth would I trust you’d have enough time to box and mail something? In any case, thanks for the reply, but think I’ll pass. GLWS

                  Air assault is legit he will take care of you when you make a deal.


                    Originally posted by Mps18 View Post
                    Air assault is legit he will take care of you when you make a deal.
                    Thanks for the shout out.


                      Meteor Cocker Build with gunfighter frame and inception parts?


                        Posts 3-9 really point out the one "suck" to the forums going down....For instance, I recognize the name Air Assault from the old forums. I recall Insixdays777 in spite of being a "newbie". (As I recall has an astounding Angel collection?). No idea who the "newbie" Ryan is and has pretty much created a daytime drama script in your sale thread....


                        • Knuckle Dragger

                          Knuckle Dragger

                          Editing a comment
                          -insert popcorn gif-
                          BS aside, this Mag has been a temptation for me. Darn thing is gorgeous. I just know I’ll probably never use it and I already have too many wall hangers.

                        That gun is nuts. I love it. It’s nice to see actual carbon fiber, as opposed to some “carbon fiber” that came from a 3D printer.


                          Originally posted by Insixdays777 View Post
                          Meteor Cocker Build with gunfighter frame and inception parts?
                          You can shoot me some pics. Pm me for my number if that’s easier.

                          sent you a text with pic request. 303 number.
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